I wish there was a magic button to press that would do all research required for the new book I’m writing. Since this has not yet been invented, I will have to make do with my current process:

Write and plan chapter
Research required information
Write some more
Go through and edit each chapter upon completion

At this stage I’m embarking on chapter 3. I prefer writing and researching as I go. I like the flexibility of getting another idea while researching an area and including it if it’s relevant. I don’t want to be tied into the original chapter layout. I imagine others might research each area required and only then start writing. Every writer has their own style and their own preferences for the way they work. This is my way and it’s also the way I wrote my first book.

What’s important is knowing where you want to go and how to get there. You need to be organised, methodical and use your time wisely. I work full time and weekends are the largest chunk of time I have to write. I do write during the week also which ends in exhaustion. I truly dislike looking at a computer screen all day at work and then going home and looking at a laptop screen instead. It gets tiring, but by taking proper breaks, the work is done. Perhaps not as quickly as I’d like, but it does get done. How I’d love to experience writing full time, having the ability to write each day without worrying about what time it is! I hope to be able to do that one day, until then it remains a dream.

Now, as it is the weekend, I have to keep writing and researching. How do you write/research? What is your method?1-StressedWomanAtLaptopComputersmall


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